10 Free Apps For Droid-2 Mobile!

Innumerable and interesting Free apps are available for your Droid-2 phone. Let us showcase 10 of the astounding free apps that you should not miss.

Fake-Call Me – Are you bored with drab official conference calls and meetings? Fake-Call Me is the app that gives you instant relief from this boredom; it initiates a “telephone call” from your “home” with a pre-recorded conversation so that you can escape from the meeting board room. The app creates such “telephone calls”wherever and whenever you like.

Pandora provides your own personalized radio anywhere in the world. You select your favorite singer, song or jazz music. Pandora creates your radio station and plays all your music.

Layar – With this app you can view things around your neighborhood including real time digital information about those things on the camera screen of your mobile phone. Pick up a layer on the screen, you can see houses for sale, bars, shops, subway stations and tourist spots.

Anything Google – You cannot imagine any function without Google, may it be Maps, search and find tools, GPS, Email and Voice calls.
Google Maps, Google Voice, Sky Map, etc., are some of the fascinating apps for your needs on the go.

Talk to Me is an automatic translator app. You speak in English, you get translation in Spanish, French, Italian and German languages instantaneously through your handset. The app is very useful when you go on international visit.

Barcode Scanner – This app enables scanning of barcodes on books, CDs and other products and gets product information including prices and reviews. You can buy products online.

PayPal is cashier for your business or home for settling your ills online. With this app you can

  • Send / receive money
  • Review your accounts

USA Today is a delightful app providing loads of information on politics, business, commerce, finance, etc., from the leading newspaper USA Today. Breaking News and reviews are also brought to you with incredible graphics.

Seesmic - This app helps you login to twitter and share tweets, messages, profile and updates.

Foursquare – This game app helps you to explore your city in novel methods. You have to locate the places of your friends and places where they frequently visit to earn rewards. The app kindles your exploratory skills.

To download all this apps on Droid-2 for Free, just search for them in Android market.

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