10 Useful Apps for Palm Pixi Plus and Palm Pre Plus

Several interesting apps have been developed for Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus phones by Verizon and others.

10 selective mighty apps for Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus are showcased here:

Weather Channel: With this free GPS enabled app you will be able to access
  • Local weather accurately
  • Hourly forecasts in your locality
  • Interactive radar and satellite maps
By knowing weather forcast, you can decide whether to carry an umbrella for rain protection for a trip to local grocery shop or not.

3D Plotter: This app is meant for students. You can plot 2D functions in 3D by substituting the formulae and equations. You have a choice to color the graphs with your favorite color scheme.

AP Mobile News: This is a very useful app which covers news of all kinds for free. The app features
  • World politics
  • Sports news
  • Arts and culture
  • Science and technology
  • In-depth analysis on various topics
Translator: This is a free app which is helpful for everyone, especially students for learning foreign languages. This app makes use of Google translation service. As many as 45 languages are taught through the app. At the end of the session you can share your lessons with your friends through email or messages.

BusTracker is a free app that makes use of OneBusAway website to furnish bus timings and time table pertaining to Seattle King County Transit System. With this app you can access
  • Bus arrival times
  • Locate bus stops in the neighborhood
  • List your preferred stops
  • Find stops on a map
AdvCalc is a productivity app. It is a modified version of advanced scientific calculator in java script. This free app enables you to calculate several mathematical functions like
  • Factorials
  • Logarithms
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Hex, Octal, Binary and ASCII displays
  • Bit wise logical operators
  • 12- level parentheses
Angry Birds is a world renowned puzzle game. The game is about two birds whose eggs were stolen by wicked green pigs living in a solid fortified castle. Your task is to help the birds wage a war against the pigs, demolish the castle and recover the precious eggs. It is a tricky situation wherein you have to use science, skill, brute power to destroy the building. The game takes several hours and you get addicted to it.

Grooveshark is a music app for free. You can access tons of tunes and music with this app and listen to them on your mobile phone while on the go. This app enables
  • Search and find your preferred songs
  • Save playlists
  • Save delightful tunes
Simply integrate Grooveshark with websites so that you will literally carry songs from the web with you throughout your journey to anywhere. Very soon the app will bring music from radio stations for free.

Expense Tracker is a useful app for the business man in you. The app tracks your money balance on a day to day basis. Apart from this it provides valuable analysis on your expense pattern and finds out
  • The item which involves recurring expenses in a specific period
  • Any abnormality or over-expense for an item in a specific time period
This analysis helps you to apply control on unwanted expenses and deferment of expenses so that saving of money could be effected.

Top Stock Lite is a free app for those people who relish stock market transactions to book profits. With this app you can access
  • Current stock prices
  • Market trend for individual stocks
  • General market trend
  • Breaking news and top stories on stock market
  • Company performance
  • Index analysis

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