4 Must Have Android Applications for your Smartphone

The population of users of Android apps is ever increasing. Some of the apps are excellent for all segments whether business or personal. 4 of the incredible apps are listed here.

Mototorch LED – This app converts the LED flash of the camera of your Android mobile phone into a powerful hi-beam torch light which will be handy in the dark while you are on the go.

Dolphin Browser HD – This is a mobile browser with useful features like
  • Integration with Google services
  • Export bookmarks
  • Visible tabs
  • Multi touch pinch
Shazam – This is a free music discovery engine with a huge database of songs, artists, albums and tracks, you can identify songs by title and name of the artist from anywhere.

Evernote – With this app you can take notes, sketches, snapshots, voice records, etc., while travelling. These documents can be synced with your laptop or desktop for retrieval at home or on the go for further working.

To download this apps, just search for them in Android Market.

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