5 Android Apps for News Reporters

If you are a journalist or news reporter, you have umpteen apps for your Android mobile phone. 5 of the incredible apps are discussed here.

Photoshop Express is essentially a photo editing app. Photo Express caters to high quality snapshots for the newsman. The app features
  • Crop and tone of photos
  • Fun filters
  • Beautiful border for pictures
With enhanced quality the photos can be sent for press and shared with blogs by journalists.

Evernote for Android is an app for taking notes which is part and parcel of journalist’s job. Evernote enables you to take text notes, upload audio contents and pictures. These data are stored in the cloud so that notes from your mobile phone notes sync with your desktop for retrieval easily.

Qik lets you broadcast live videos, breaking news and hot news quickly across the globe right from your mobile phone while you are on the go. You can
  • Access your videos anywhere
  • Your colleagues can watch as it happens
  • Post to your favorite social networks
VoiceTask is an easy to use free audio recording app for the journalist during interviews. You can receive MP3 recordings by email. This app is handy to record transcriptions and casual talks. You can be cool without your bulky recording equipment whenever you are on the go.

Wordpress for Android is an app ideally suited for bloggers for breaking news. Blogs have some unique features like fast transmission and moderation feature for comments on posts. Users can upload videos and photos to supplement their posts.

All these apps are very useful to journalists and news reporters while on a go. To download any of the app, just search for it in Android market.

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