5 Android Health Apps for Better Life

Health is the real wealth and it is of paramount importance to keep the body and mind fit. Several health applications have been unveiled for Android devices to keep the user healthy on the go. Here are 5 of the superb health apps for your Android phone.

Fast food calorie counter is for the guy who does not want to kick fast foods but still wants to stay fit. Name the fast food, say, veggie spring roll, the app indicates the calories and the amount of fat, carb, protein, etc., in it. It also gives a strict diet plan. From these data you can calculate the right quantum of fast food you can consume. App also helps you with exercises.

Sleep Music is an app which promotes your sleep. If you sleep well it is an indirect indication of sound health. Sleep keeps you energetic and helps control weight. The app incorporates different themes of soothing music to induce sleep. The app also provides for duration of sleep, muting of music, alarm, etc., to monitor your sleep and in turn health.

Beer Gut Fitness is an app to monitor intake of alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, etc. It tracks the calories, type of exercises to do with time duration for a healthy life.

Cardio trainer plus racing is a self motivating app for you to improve your workouts, jogging, etc. The app provides statistics of your previous best performance to motivate you to do better. Thus every time you will tend to improve upon your previous performance in an effort to keep your body trim.

Shelf life is an app to indicate the degree of freshness of fruits and vegetables stored for your consumption. Longevity, color codes for fresh, past prime, inedible stages are also indicated to caution you to eat the fruit or not.

The apps provide an unusual combination of junk food and alcoholic beverage control, sleep therapy, freshness of vegetables and fruits and self motivating aerobics. It is worth practicing these healthy habits for a happy life. To download these apps, just search for them in the Android Market.

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