5 Best Android Browsers

Most of the Android web browsers have all the necessary ingredients of efficient web browsing like
  • Multitasking
  • Multifunctions
  • Well managed User Interface
  • Optimized web browsing
  • Best suited for YouTube and Flash
  • Fast loading of web pages for quick access and time saving
5 of the top Android web browsers are showcased here.

SkyFire 2.0 is browser with special capabilities and can be downloaded for free. With this browser you will be able to
  • Share your websites with your colleagues and relatives
  • Access YouTube videos and other flash-based videos on your mobile device on those gadgets which other browsers cannot play
  • Google Search
  • Play Flash-based games on the go
Dolphin Browser is a mobile browser with useful features like
  • Integration with Google services
  • Export bookmarks
  • Visible tabs
  • Subscription to RSS feed of your favorite blogs and news websites
  • Multi touch zoom support
  • Variety of themes which can be set on your phone
Mobile FireFox (Fennec) is a Mini Firefox browser with the following characteristics.
  • Fast User Interface
  • Saves data while browsing
  • Syncs desktop Firefox bookmarks and saved pages
This browser is downloadable for free.

xScope is a free user friendly browser. Its multi-touch features include
  • Header management control
  • Multifunction zoom
  • Bookmarking function
  • Fast tabbed browsing
xScope has an interesting option called ‘File Task’ which terminates dead processes and prevents hang condition of the phone .

Opera Mini 5 is a free and fantastic browser which facilitates
  • Tab setting so that multiple websites could be opened on the mobile screen at a time
  • Add on option to open links to your email contacts
  • Built in pass word manager
  • Copy-paste option
  • Google Search
To download any of the web browsers for your Android phone, just search for it in Android Market.

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