5 Educative Mobile Games For Children!

Games are avid attraction for children. If the games are mixed with education, children find them very useful. 5 such great Educative games compatible with different mobile platforms are showcased here:

For iPhone:
Flashcard Champion Basic Math is a family game in simple arithmetic for children in the age group 4-11. Questions on basic functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are answered by children in this game. Number of questions answered correctly and the time frame add spice and fun to the game. Other features
  • Customization
  • Sound effect
  • Difficulty levels
  • Smooth animation
Dinosaurs Kids App is ideally suited for children in the age group 8-12. The app focuses on 3 major topics – Dinosaurs, Volcanoes and ancient Egypt including videos and snapshots for add life to the games. Other important feature include
  • Quizzes
  • Memory match techniques
  • Brush off layers to reveal artifacts
  • Map reading including zoom facility
  • Shake mobile to break jigsaw puzzles
For Android:
Children ABC Series is a fun and educative game app for toddlers and young children. Children view the objects such as animals, fruits, numbers, food items, etc., and identify them with the words.  Children learn letter recognition, spelling and pronunciation. They can touch and feel the object and speak out the name of the objects. The animal version is accompanied by animal noise as well.

Kids Numbers and Math Lite is a fun game for preschoolers. It focuses on math and numbers in six international languages. Some of tasks of the game are
  • Identify objects with highest and lowest numbers
  • Elementary arithmetic functions
  • Matching numbers
For BlackBerry and Symbian:
Smart Educational Games is an amazing game which tests your knowledge on
  • Geography
  • Mental awareness
  • Speed and accuracy of calculation
  • Memory skill
The games have different difficulty levels for adults and children. The games feature gorgeous graphs and extreme variations from normal to rapid fire puzzles. The game can be played in portrait or landscape mode of the screen.

All these apps need to be purchased. Just search for them in their respective stores to find it.

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