5 Free Social Apps for BlackBerry Phones

BlackBerry has numerous applications to build up social network and business relationship. 5 of the amazing free apps are listed below:

BlackBerry Messenger – This app enables you to connect with your colleagues. Apart from texting, you can also share snapshots of office events and promote conversation.

Facebook – The world famous social network Facebook can be accessed with this app. You can be in touch with your business people and
  • Converse with them
  • Update status
  • Share pictures and videos of events
Flickr – With this app you can share loads of photographs of all business and industrial events, product launch, exhibitions, etc., with your business partners.

Twitter – This app keeps your connectivity live with the most popular Twitter social network which enables you to network with business tycoons. You can
  • Add new contacts
  • Tweet your comments
MySpace – With this app you move close with your pals in the giant social network MySpace. You have access to
  • Update status
  • Share snapshots and mail
  • Exchange comments
Hope you have installed these free social apps on your BlackBerry Smartphones.

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