5 Fresh Apps for iDevices

New apps are being developed continuously for mobile phones. 5 such fresh apps for iDevices are showcased below.

Corel Paint It! Show is an app for iPad to retrieve snapshot from Facebook and manipulate it suitably to make it appear like a painting masterpiece with dazzling effects. Send artwork back to Facebook and share with friends.
Classics is a versatile application for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This app enables world class books in the public domain to be downloaded and read on your mobile wile on the go.

Pocket WavePad is a free app for your iPhone. This sound editor app is useful for TV reporters for reporting from the field of action. Voice activated recording ensures recoding only effecting time and battery saving.

Touch Up is a app for your iPad for enhancing the overall effect. Red eye elimination, brightness improvement, color change, etc., are effected using an interface known as TouchUp.

Sotheby’s Mobile is a free app for your iPhone or iPad. Explore the variety of articles and items under auction by zooming, manipulation and videos. You can assess the condition of item and submit your bid.
Hope you try these new apps for your iDevices.

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