5 iPhone Applications for Green Living!!

Considering the present global focus on eco-friendly environment, green living, conservation of forests, etc., developers have created smart apps to promote and preserve green living.

Here are 5 of these awesome apps for your iPhone:

GreenMeter – This wonderful app analyzes your car’s driving performance and indicates its fuel efficiency. This provides a valuable guidance to minimize the harmful carbon footprints thereby contributing to the environmental improvement apart from effecting saving in cost of gas.
GreenMeter iPhone app
FindGreen - Would you like to locate a yoga center, community supported agricultural lands, Farm houses producing organic vegetables in your current location while on the move? The free app FindGreen offers solutions to your queries on location, type and distance of business and industries related to healthy and eco-friendly living in the neighborhood. With links to Wikipedia you will have access to delicious recipes covering hundreds of fruits and vegetables.

GoodGuide – You may be interested in knowing the impact of health, environment and social factors on a product like yoghurt, soy milk, etc. The free app GoodGuide records the above factors on your mobile phone if you just type the name of the product or project its barcode.

iRecycle – This free app helps you to search and locate recycle shops available near your current location while on the go. If your old car battery is down you will be able find the right shop for replacing it with a recycled one in the neighborhood. You are provided with the address, distance, directions and working hours of the recycle shop with this cool app. If there is more than one shop, all the shops will be listed by the app specifying the product they recycle.
irecycle iphone appLocaVore – Suddenly you feel like taking a health drink while on a long drive. The app LocaVore tells you the favorite produce of the place, the present season & its duration and the distance of farmers market where you can get your health drink from your current location.


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