5 Must Have Apps For Your Android Phone !!

There are thousands of excellent apps available for your Android phone. 5 of the must have apps for Android phones are highlighted here.

Layar – With this augmented reality app you can view things around your neighborhood through your mobile camera and get information about those things in a new place. You can see houses for sale, subway stations and tourist spots.

Barcode Scanner – This app enables scanning of barcodes on books, CDs and other products and get product information including prices and reviews. You can buy products online.

Sugar Sync is a smart app that integrates contents of your desktop and laptop with your Android phone. With an internet connection you are able to retrieve and work on any document, view pictures wherever you are.

Gmail is a popular app which gets Google’s mail service right onto your Android mobile.

Photoshop is an app which works with Adobe to provide multi various features for snapshots like
  • Resize photos
  • Change color
  • Rotation
Hope you already have these must have apps for your Android mobile phone. If not,just search in the Android market on your mobile to install the above apps.

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