7 Management Apps for iPhone

In the present complex industrial and business environment, only the fittest can survive. Businessmen should equip themselves with arms and ammunitions to counter the competition and to emerge victorious.

As a control measure several amazing applications to manage projects, create, store & share files and communicate with team members are available for iPhone.

Showcased here are some of the impressive and effective management tools:

Huddle is an effective management tool. Here the project is organized into workspaces and the main focus is on workflow and not task management. Huddle app enables you to access
  • Workspace
  • View and approve documents
  • Connect with members
huddle iphone app
Dropbox is an online storage and sharing service for files and folders. The service enables syncing files of designated computers and the web so that files can be shared and monitored between you and your team members. The service is free up to 2 GB storage. Dropbox iPhone app features
  • Monitoring shared files from your phone
  • View file updates to check teammates activities
  • View files shared by others with you
  • Add photos & videos from camera roll
Quick Office Connect Mobile Suite is a trendy teamwork tool. It integrates Dropbox, Box.net, MobileMe, etc., which enables
  • View and save files from any service covered by team
  • Review others’ works
  • Effect your own addition and corrections
quick office iphone app
Box.net is a popular online storage service. Files or folders stored in Box.net can be shared with your teammates using your iPhone’s Box.net app. This is a free service up to storage of 1 GB. You can
  • Open and view files
  • Comment on files
  • Upload photos & videos from iPhone camera roll
  • Add files from your computer
iThoughts is an amazing brainstorming tool. It enables your teammates to share their mind maps so that an integration of ideas could be effected. This app features
  • Import / export of mind maps
  • Share finished mind maps as PDFs and images which can be imported by others for scrutiny
A better and faster way to share iThoughts is via Wi-Fi network. Also mind maps can be emailed as attachments.
iThoughts iphone app
Cisco WebEx Meeting Center is an excellent tool to communicate with your team pals. You can view and participate on your iPhone screen live screen sharing, tele conferencing and video conferencing services including screen sharing.
cisco iPhone app
Outpost 2 is a famous Basic camp project management service. With this service you can
  • View and add projects and mile stones
  • Assess time spent on specific projects
  • Assign tasks to team members and comment on them
  • Integrates Basecamp address book with iPhone contacts
  • Utilize Basecamp’s internal messaging to contact fellow mates
  • Send email to contacts
  • Manage several Basecamp accounts
Hope with these iPhone apps, management becomes easy.

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