8 Incredible Apps for your Android Phones!

Some of the Android apps are invaluable. 8 such great apps are showcased here for your mobile phone.

TheftAware is a detective app. Register two numbers- your friend’s and your second phone. The app tracks your stolen/lost mobile and its location. It also
  • Raises audible alarm
  • Locks phone
  • Remove secured data
  • Identifies thief’s number
Layar is an app for you to view things around your neighborhood. The browser displays real time digital information on the camera screen of your mobile phone. By picking up multiple layers on the screen you can see houses for sale in one layer, bars and shops in the next layer, subway stations, tourist spots, etc., in other layers. You can add new layers too.

QwikList Voice is a magic app. You can prepare list of items to be packed for a picnic, babies clothes, places to visit, etc., by simply addressing your Android phone. It does the rest of the job. You can send Text messages and reminders too.

MAndFile Browser is a free app which enables you to browse through your files. You can perform basic operations like copy, cut and paste.

MightyMeeting is an excellent marketing tool. You can
  • Organize a webinar
  • Present your company products over Power Point
  • Share knowledge with Facebook or Twitter contacts
3DCoche is an augmented reality app which enables you to locate your parked car. App features
  • View car position
  • Navigation direction
  • Distance from your present location
  • Parking timer record
Bokus is an online bookstore app available in Sweden only at present. You can access a huge collection books with quick delivery at a low price.

SMS2PC is a simple app which redirects messages received on your mobile phone to your computer while you are working on it. You can also send reply to the message and write new messages which syncs with your handset.

To download any of the above apps, just search for them in Android market.

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