All-You-Can-Eat Mobile Games Download service by Vodafone

A fresh brand new all-you-can-eat mobile game service has been inaugurated by Vodafone in Europe. You can download and play as many Java ME games as you desire for a small fee of € 5 per month. On completion of playing the games, the digital rights management code embedded in the app will lock out the game and you cannot play it once again.

The following handsets support the trendy games apps.
Nokia – E65, N85, N95, N95 8GB, N78, N81, N97, N97 Mini, 6700, 6303, N96, E71 and E51
Sony Ericsson – C902, W910i, C905, C510, W890i and W715
Samsung – F480, L810 and S8300

This app appears to be a new trend setter wherein the publisher gets his money based on number of downloads and games played. The user is also happy as he has enjoyed playing the game.

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