Android 2.2 Sense For HTC Aria Leaked!

The exciting news for HTC Aria mobile phone users is that Android 2.2 Sense update for this handset has leaked. For those proactive Aria owners who are impatient to wait for the official release, Android 2.2 update can be packaged into a flashable ROM.

There are varied views on the performance of this new update as detailed below.
  • A section of the users are of the opinion that the ROM is just fantastic.
  • Some feel that the update suffers from Android Market and Wi-Fi issues.
  • A good number of users find that the option to put app on the SD card is missing.
It is also heartening to note that the Market issue has been fixed but it requires using ADB to pull a system file, edit and push it back. With all these activities it is clear that Android 2.2 update will be released very soon.

For more information about the leak, just visit this LINK.

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