Android Gingerbread OS Features Leaked!!

Google has almost completed development of a new mobile platform by name Gingerbread after its successful and strong Android 2.2 Froyo version.

The important features of Gingerbread are
  • Voice app with SIP support which permits users to receive calls on their Google Voice number through Wi-Fi network
  • Perfect integration of individual apps like YouTube app to create a feeling that the app is part of the Gingerbread OS rather than an add-on functionality
  • Bouncy effect as in the case of iOS and TouchWiz 3.0 devices
  • When you reach the top or bottom of a list via kinetic scrolling, it will bounce off the edge and initiate an orange glow at the edge similar to the ones seen in sci-fi fiction based movies
Other features foreseen to be included in the app
  • Hardware acceleration
  • General icons redesign for better look
  • Radio button and checkmark style change

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