AppESP lets you to find Best Android Applications

Android apps have crossed the 100,000 marks and new apps are being released almost every day. Some of the apps are very useful whereas some are useless. Unless you buy and incorporate the app you will not have any clue about the usability of the app to your smartphone. This has been a sore point for Android phone users. The problem has been successfully solved by AppStoreHQ recently.

AppStoreHQ, which carries out extensive discovery on Android apps, has released a new wonder tool AppESP. This fascinating tool analyzes Android apps thoroughly using the following inputs about the individual apps.
  • Data from experts
  • User reviews
  • App ranking
Based on above analysis AppESP fixes usability of the apps.

App ESP gets to know the apps installed in your phone and assesses what apps you might require based on your call patterns and usage. From these findings AppESP is able to recommend the right apps for your smartphone.

Just search for AppESP in Android market to download and try this app.

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