Best Business Apps for BlackBerry Phones

BlackBerry has developed astounding apps for businessmen to streamline, prioritize, and reschedule their activities to maximize their productivity and profits. 8 of the top business apps for BlackBerry Phones are listed below:

Google Maps is a free app which indicates your current location on a map. The location may be the restaurant where you stay on official tour. You can
  • Find your way to the venue of business conference
  • Help your buddies find the nearby workshop, lecture hall or a pub
  • Save and send maps specifying directions to your pals in case if they lost the track
Voice on the Go is a wonder app which improves voice communication with your business team while on the go. Better communication leads to higher productivity and higher profits in the business venture. The app features
  • Search and locate team members
  • Communicate through email
  • Listen to appointments
  • Answering to voice queries
Evernote is a useful notepad application. During your industrial and business conferences you can
  • Jot down points, concepts and notes of importance
  • Scribble sketches, line diagrams and flow charts during a technical discussion
  • Store videos, snapshots, recorded speeches
The app enables sharing the above with your subordinates and bosses. You can also make spectacular presentations to an august audience with the above material. Sync these data with your desktop and BlackBerry mobile phone so that you are ready for a business meet on the go.

WiFi File Transfer app enables you or your staff to transmit files, videos, pictures and other documents instantly from BlackBerry phone to desktop computer and vice versa. Unfinished tasks like the following can be done while you travel with the above syncing facility.
  • Completing a circular for staff on energy conservation during off-duty hours
  • Concluding your speech on a new business proposal
  • Mail latest sales stats and turn-over figures to top management
Copy2Contact is a clever app which extracts information from emails, calls, text messages, etc., and copies the same to your business partners. Thus you are able to be in touch with your contacts while on the go providing updates on all matters.

ExpenseLog Pro is the simplest and best app to manage your business expenses while you are on the move. Easy to set up, this app enables share these details with partners for effective cost cutting and improved business performance.

CallTime Tracker calculates the quantum of time you have spent on individual clients. It analyses emails, text messages, phone calls transacted with different companies and computes the total time spent on each client. This input enables you to make a cost benefit analysis on different clients and revise your time focus for better performance and results.

Telenar is a voice enabled GPS navigator which furnishes directions to business centers you visit for the first time with clear narration and instructions. You are guided through 3D colorful map route to reach the restaurant, the venue of your business party, on your mobile screen.

Hope with this business apps, you can use your BlackBerry Phone more efficiently.To download any of the above business apps, just visit BlackBerry App world.

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