BestBuy's Friday Mobile Giveaway Promotion in October

BestBuy, the popular electronics retail chain, has announced a new promotional event that will involve sale of high profile smartphones from US carrier heavy weights to the general populace without having to put down a cent from their pocket.

Starting from October 1, every Friday, four free phones will be gifted to the lucky winners by Best Buy. On October 1, first Friday, the following phones are presented.
  • Verizon – Samsung Fascinate
  • Sprint – BlackBerry Curve
  • AT&T – HTC Aria
  • T-Mobile – Samsung Gravity 3
For the remaining weeks, on every Thursday, Best Buy will announce the brands through Best Buy Mobile Facebook page and Twitter.

The free gift will be tied up with mandatory 2-year contract.

This promotional activity is expected to boost up the sale of mobile phones, upgrades and accessories.

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