Bit Torrent App IS Drive for iPhone now available

Apple is known for its strict measures while admitting third party software to its App Store. BitTorrent service was not permitted by Apple earlier. However one developer cautiously avoided the word “Torrent” in the submission process and managed to get a berth in App Store. This week BitTorrent based “IS Drive app" was approved by Apple and added to App Store. The app allows users of Imageshack’s Torrent download service to control and add Torrent downloads through a trendy interface. The app shows screenshots of completed video downloads.
iphone bittorrent appApple has relaxed its policy on third party software for quite some time in order that its users will have a wide variety of products and apps to select for their specific needs. Earlier Opera Mini, a third party web browser, was approved by Apple and was taken into App Store. Recently Google voice apps found place in App Store. Users do appreciate Apple’s present approach to third party services.

The app costs $4.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes.

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