Can Windows Phone 7 take over Android?

Despite the late launch, Microsoft WP7 could bite into the growth of Android market and gain a significant share in Smartphone space owing to its strong marketing potential and top quality performance standards backed by its popular assets like Xbox Live and Bing.

Here we showcase 5 strong reasons in favor of Windows Phone 7 to win over Android loyalists:

Apps Aplenty:
Microsoft will offer a full fledged app store with innumerable applications in completely developed stage for Windows Phone 7 OS. These apps which include several free games supporting Xbox Live Integration and tested for a few months before being accepted by users. Hence users will not feel the dearth of apps of any kind for their handsets.

Developers Paradise:
Microsoft has already started hiring super developers for apps on hire and earn basis. Developers can release their apps in their Marketplace for testing purpose. Once approved, the apps can be sold at desired price by the developers to the users. Developers are also free to list their apps in their Marketplace. These facilities will motivate the developers to flood the market with Windows Phone 7 apps.

Tiles Out:
Unlike Android platform, tiles are incorporated instead of icons for apps on the screen layout. This facilitates updates to be generated on the screen without opening the apps to save time and present organized layout. Facebook, Phone, Messaging, News, Sports score updates are displayed on the home screen.

Lots of Xbox Games:
Windows Phone 7 is capable of running Xbox games and offer multilayer support with superior touch input feature. Microsoft with its Xbox 360 business is well positioned to lure serious game developers.

Hub Features:
With Hub feature you can take with you your friends and community and share multiple files in various formats and dump free file hosts. You can create hubs for friends, professionals, bloggers, etc., to share unlimited data.

With these features hope Windows Phone 7 will bite the share of Android phones.

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