Download Foursquare for Symbian

Location based services are now gaining prominence, one service in particular has been outstanding, Foursquare. The service has launched its app on Symbian mobile phones with home screen widget recently.

When you are out and about, you check-in at various popular locations like cafeteria, restaurant, stores, business houses, etc., alerting the service as well as your friends on your whereabouts. This way you are able to socialize and share with your friends wherever you are. You also get points, badges and titles like ‘Mayor’ depending on your regularity of check-ins, frequency of visits and lead role during these virtual meetings. It is fun and addictive over a period of time.

With this service you can share with your friends
  • Write up tips
  • Line up to-dos
  • Create new venues
Foursquare utilizes the GPS feature of the Symbian phone to list new venues hitherto untouched, making the process totally user friendly.

Download Foursquare for Symbian HERE

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