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A QR code is a matrix code or a two dimensional barcode readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with camera and smart phones. ScanIt is a great free app available in App Store which enables your iPhone camera to scan a QR code. Based on the information stored in the QR code, ScanIt launches the right app. For example an email address will initiate the appropriate Contacts app.

QR generator bookmarklet added to your Safari bookmarks on your iPhone lets you generate QR code for the corresponding website you are currently browsing. Save the image, print it, tape it to your desk or wall; you can quickly launch a favorite website. You can also use this free QR Code Generator to make a customized one with data you desire.If you generate a QR code for your Chrome-to-iPhone or receive with other URLs, you will have a dynamic QR to launch a website.
scanit iPhone app

Features of the app:
  • Scan to URL
  • Scan to Call
  • Scan to Email
  • Scan to Text
  • Scan to Contact Information
  • Retain history of decoded bar codes
  • Automatically catalogues scanned content categories in history
Download ScanIt iPhone QR reader Free from iTunes.

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