Download TweetDeck for Android

The most exciting Twitter app for Android platform, TweetDeck, is now ready in the market having gone through loads of tests and experiments. TweetDeck version 1.0 is a completely networked User Interface for effectively managing your social media empire. With this app you can view and post to Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Buzz.

Android TweetDeck is the beginning of a new wave of mobile products. Some of the fascinating features of this app are listed below.
  • Better supporting landscape mode
  • Deeper Facebook integration
  • Better multiple account support

The app has already been working with iPhone, BlackBerry, etc. The functionalities of the iPhone TweetDeck are found to be better than those of Android. Furthermore, the widget of the app in Android mobile phone is small and unimpressive. Barring these minor drawbacks, it is expected that TweetDeck will prove to be a success story on the Android platform over a period of time.

To download TweetDeck, just search for it on Android Market or scan the QR code below using barcode reader

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