Download Unsocial app for iPhone and Android

Very often business professionals find it difficult to meet or connect with other businessmen in their own trade when they visit different places because the whereabouts of their contacts are not known. Unsocial is the new app available to enable professionals using iPhone and Android phones to meet contacts when they are in a particular place.

The app enables professionals to set up their brand and broadcast what they want to attract people of importance for their business in a locality.

The app features
  • Geo-location to find your business mates
  • Integrates with LinkedIn to find new contacts and their user profiles
  • Messaging service to contact people for arranging meeting when they are in a location
  • Sharing agenda, schedules, events, Tweets, RSS feed, etc., for better visibility and connectivity
The service will be available for all states in US progressively soon. Download Unsocial app HERE.

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