Download Xing for BlackBerry

When you attend a seminar or a conference, often you feel lonely as you may be a total stranger in that location. Xing is a magic app to break your monotony. This cool app traces other users of Xing app and identifies them in any gathering. You can send email to them or invite them for better familiarization. Simply create your profile in the app; other Xing users will examine your profile and make friends with you if they are interested.
With this app you can
  • Send private messages to other people in the Xing community
  • Keep track of all your friends and colleagues
  • Make telephone calls
  • Exchange profiles and email addresses online
If you want to reply / take action on a later date for a particular email messages, you have an option to mark the message as unread, even though you have read the message. In short this app is ideal for social networking of professionals.

Download Xing for BlackBerry from HERE.

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