EA Games for Windows Phone 7

EA Mobile is planning to launch several classic games for your Windows Phone 7. Showcased here are some of them:

The Sims 3 is a nice game. You can create millions of unique Sims and control their lives with customized appearance and personalities including their dream home. Send your Sims out to explore and meet fellow Sims nearby for fun.

Need for speed undercover is a thrilling car racing game with Hollywood style action that transport players into fictional world at 180 miles per hour. The game features
  • 8 challenging difficulty levels
  • 24 undercover missions
  • Customization of your car
MONOPOLY is a classic board game named after the economic concept of Monopoly. This 75 year-old tradition takes a new avatar with animated tokens and interactive features.

Tetris is a famous Russian game wherein you make lines with falling blocks. This addictive game features
  • 12 challenging variations with gradually increased difficulties
  • Timeless Marathon mode
  • X-Box single player Marathon mode
Hope EA mobile launches more games for windows phone 7.

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