GBScanner App allows you to manage Google Books Library

Google has been part of our everyday life with its unique features like search engine, email, RSS feeds, documents, books, etc. Google Books can be used if you are a book worm. You can manage your digital bookshelves in Google books library with options like
  • Favorites
  • Reading now
  • Have read
  • To read
  • Reviewed
You can add customized bookshelves to suit your specific needs. Search for the book, find the book and simply click “add to my library”, the job is done.
GBscanner iPhone app
On your iPhone, you can add physical books to your Google Books account for reference using the GBScanner app for $0.99. The app allows you to add a book’s ISBN by scanning the barcode; alternatively you can input ISBN manually. Once the book is accounted, you can add the book to the bookshelf of your choice for retrieval and reference. The app is versatile and supports multitasking.

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