Google Goggles for iPhone Available Free

Google Goggles, which is already available for Android devices, is downloadable for free for your iPhone now. This free app uses the world before you as a search object. Just hold up your iPhone, point camera at any object and Google will tell you all about the object. The app works for landmarks, books, logos, pretty much anything that is easily recognizable. According to some users the app does not work well with animals, plants, food or apparel.

Google Goggles requires an autofocus camera to work. There is an inquisitive question why this fantastic app has not been released by App Store so long. Of late Apple has relaxed its policy on third party devices for the benefit of its users as in the case of Opera Mini and Google Voice apps. Perhaps Google Goggles has also followed the same logic in entering Apple’s App Store.

Get Google App from iTunes, which support Google Goggles.

Check out the below video for demo on Google Googles:

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