Halloween Apps For Your iPhone!

This is Halloween season with fearful nights especially for the kids. Umpteen apps are available for your iPhone to magnify the intensity of horror for thorough enjoyment. Here we dissect 7 of the cute, weird and fearful Halloween apps.

Costume Generator had been the top Halloween app for the year 2009. The app provides costume suitable for you based on the following inputs.
  • Gender
  • Your Mood
  • Type of Halloween party
The costumes are creepy and funny and featured in ABCNews.com, Macworld and The Huffington Post.
Ghost Radar is a science based app for ghost hunters. A display of dots on an electromagnetic field enables ghost chasers to identify presence ghosts in a place. Creepy words add to the scare factor to provide a thrilling experience.
Abandoned is a costly app for $2.99 to let you know the location of haunted houses and ghost dwellings on a map of a particular location. The app lists hundreds of perfect places for ghost hunt. Your crew will have fun time exploring sinister ghostly locations.
Zombie Weatherman is an interesting weather app with a difference. The app displays weather forecast dotted with blood spots on the mobile phone screen. A zombie weatherman presents the meteorological report to you spitting blood all over predicting a gory encounter ahead presumably.
True Ghost Stories from around the World is an app that provides a huge collection of horror stories you can read and share with your near and dear. Photographs add to the mystery and suspense to provide total entertainment for your entire family.
Scare Tracks is a nerve wrecking app which enables you to undertake an adventurous trip on a Halloween night in the midst of torture screams, zombie chants, war cry, message from hell, alien prison, Ichabod crane, etc., with your pals.
Jack O’Lantern is a free Halloween app to promote your pumpkin art. The cute app helps you to make a bizarre face out of the pumpkin; you can add funny messages too. High definition graphics and sound effects add spice to the ghostly backdrop. Shake the iPhone to scare the children for fun.
Hope you enjoy this Halloween season with this wonderful Halloween apps for your iPhone!

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