How to Jailbreak iPhone, iPad?

Jailbreaking of your iPhone has advantages as well as disadvantages like the two sides of a coin. Whereas you are free to use the services of any carrier of your choice in addition to AT&T, you have to sacrifice Apple’s product warranty for your handset.

Jailbreaking does not follow formula solutions. Each case is unique and the method adopted for jailbreaking is different. The website has provided certain guidelines explaining the process of jailbreaking with easy to follow charts.

The site features
  • Storage of information related to jailbreaking.
  • Jailbreaking data on firmware version basis
  • Difficult new versions can be downgraded to old firmware version with links to downgrade guide
  • Charts indicate software and method to jailbreak old version firmware
  • Jail-breaking all versions of iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS. Yet to provide support for iPhone 4.
Every jailbreak is different and hence complete instructions have to be studied before attempting jailbreak. Create backup of your device software before starting jailbreak for any contingency

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