How to Send SMS on Future Date?

In general internet is used to send email and instant messages instantly without any intentional deferment. There are occasions when you want to send messages on a later date deliberately, for example a greeting for birthday or marriage. The greetings should reach only on the specific birth date or date of marriage, not earlier or not later. is the website that comes in handy for such services. The website is relatively new but is efficient and will do your job diligently.

Procedure for sending message through
  • Write a short and sweet message and sign your name
  • On Date option of menu, set the future date when the message has to be sent.
  • You can send the greetings in 3 options – text, tweet or email
  • Text option - Enter receiver’s Phone Number and Carrier of the Phone.
  • Tweet option – Login to your Twitter account
  • Email option – Fill in the email address of the receiver of the message

Your message will be placed in the queue till the date of sending.

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