iPhone: 5 Top Free Music Apps !

App Store has a large gamut of mellifluous music apps for music lovers. 5 of the top free music apps are highlighted here.

AOL Radio – This radio app is powered by CBS Radio covering 200 radio stations in US. Listen to trendy news channels too.
AOL Radio iPhone app
Shazam – A magic app. Just hold the microphone of your iPhone or iPod in the direction of music note, the name of the song and the artist will be displayed on your handset screen.

Soundhound – Like Shazam it identifies the song and artist of music. In addition it identifies tunes rendered by you by whistling or humming. Share your favorite music with loved ones through email, Twitter & Facebook.
soundhound iphone app
Last.fm – If you want to listen to music sorted on the basis of artist or genre (jazz, classical, etc.), this app does the job. Other features include
  • Artist background
  • Information on concerts
Tunewiki – Lyrics + Radio - When a song is played in your iPhone, its lyrics are also displayed simultaneously using this app. Enjoy YouTube videos as well
tunewiki iphone app
Hope you have these music apps installed on your iPhone.

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