iPhone: 7 Useful Jailbroken Applications

Cydia has many fascinating apps for jail broken iPhones. 8 of the interesting apps are showcased here:

MultiCleaner – Tired of removing closed apps manually? Use the Activator short cut and remove the apps. Customize the multi tasking bar according to your requirement.

Silent Photo – This free app disables the undesirable noise of camera shutter of your iPhone through Winterboard.

HDR /Game Center Enabler – This free tweak enables HDR images in the camera app for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS and Game Center for iPhone 3G via Winterboard.

Group SMS – You can create groups and send SMS with this app.

Pass Gen – Generate passwords of any size with phonetics, lower/upper case letters and numbers/punctuations with this app for free.

Here It Is – With this app you can share pictures, videos and texts among your friends circle.

Silent Charge All – With this tweak disable annoying charge sound on all iDevices for free.

Just search for the apps in Cydia to download.

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