MeeGo OS for Nokia N900 will be ready soon!

Nokia N900 Project lead Harri Hakulinen confirms that development of the new MeeGo 1.1 version open source Operating System is ready to be launched by next month. Work on MeeGo 1.1 version is at the very advanced stage of completion and the team is busy fixing final release blocker bugs and ensuring that every small detail works well. There is a positive feedback from users of the first MeeGo version with the handset OX.

Development of MeeGo version 1.1 is seen as strategic which is bound to help the developers of apps to begin their work. The apps are foreseen to be designed to work on dual platforms of Maemo and MeeGo with Nokia N900 handset.

Work on the next version MeeGo 1.2 is also in progress. Hakulinen and his team will focus on integrating technologies from the latest Nokia and development of repositories including SGX drivers and accelerated video decoders.

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