Napster Subscription Music App for Android Phones Available

If you are a fan of subscription-based streaming music rather than a la carte per song buyer, then Napster is the right app for your audio pleasure. The app is already available in Apple’s App Store for iPhone users. Now Napster has released the app for Android mobile phone users also. The app can be downloaded freely in Android market. However it attracts a monthly subscription of $10; a formal registration of your account is also required. If you opt for annual subscription, you get a decent discount of 20%.

Napster Music library has an impressive collection of more than 11 million songs which can be streamed through your Android phone from anywhere provided you have Wi-Fi network or mobile broadband connection.

To download the app, you can just scan this qr code from your Android mobile.

napster app qr codeMOG, Stalker and Rhapsody are important among the other music service providers on subscription basis, of course, at $10 per month.

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