Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad vs BlackBerry PlayBook

Now that the three branded tablets, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Apple’s iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook, are out in the market, how to find out the right choice for your specific needs? Brief showcasing of the strength and weakness of each product may give you some clues on the best buy.

Portability, versatility to adapt to different apps, battery life, security and simplicity to work are some of the crucial features to be considered while selecting a tablet. Let us look into these aspects on the three brands of tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Tab with a 7” wide screen with an overall weight of 380 grams offers better portability to the users.
Samsung galaxy tab
Other features of Galaxy Tab:
  • It works on Android platform with the latest version 2.2 which is super flexible from the view point of home screen customizing with widgets for every job
  • It supports Flash
  • You can make phone calls from the tab
Apple iPad has a large 9.7” screen with an overall weight of 725 grams. It is too heavy to handle with a single hand for a longer duration. As an Apple product, it is very versatile with variety of applications like video player, ebook reader and web browser.
Apple iPad
Other features of iPad:
  • Working simplicity
  • Compatible with all apps of App Store
  • Resistance to customization
  • No facility to make phone calls
  • Does not support Flash
BlackBerry PlayBook is the new entrant into the tab market with a 7” screen and weight 450 grams. It is not as heavy as iPad though not as light as Samsung Galaxy Tab.
BlackBerry Playbook

Other features of the PlayBook:
  • Supports Flash
  • Existing BlackBerry Smartphone apps are not compatible
  • New apps specifically for tab are to be developed which may be time consuming
  • RIM’s best security features incorporated
  • No direct phone calls possible from the tab
  • No dedicated store for music, video and eBooks unlike iPad
  • Syncing with desktop computer is easy and simple
  • Offers better flexibility for business purposes

Comparison of the three tabs at a glance brings to light some striking features.
  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab is the lightest and hence the most portable. It is also the best for customization.
  2. iPad is the strongest in apps exploitation
  3. BlackBerry PlayBook is most suited for business for its best security aspects
You have to pick up the right tab which meets with your requirements for business as well as personal aspects. Last but not the least is the price factor which is of paramount importance in making purchase decision.

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