Samsung Wave II S8530 Unveiled

Samsung-Wave-II-S8530.jpgSamsung Wave II S8530 handset has been unveiled recently. It resembles Wave 8500 except that the size of the case and display which are slightly bigger. The 3.7” screen is of Super Clear LCD version in the place of OLED screen of the previous version.

The mobile phone has been announced for Germany with a bunch of pre-loaded German apps in the month of November 2010. The launch in other countries of Europe will take place simultaneously.

The technical parameters of Samsung Wave II S8530
  • 3.7 inches screen.
  • 1 GHz powerful processor
  • 5 MP camera with autofocus, flash, 720 p recording
  • Memory SD card 32 GB
  • Connectivity HSDPA, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 3.0 version
  • Access to Samsung apps

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