Skype for Android 3G hack Available

Android users were happy when Skype for Android app was launched a couple of days ago. It was a matter of concern that users in the US were unable to access the app with their 3G network. As a policy matter users of 3G networks were blocked from Skype service with an exception of Verizon users. In fact the rest the world, barring Japan and China, could use this Skype app without any restriction.
skype for Android
Hectic activity followed by way of retaliation and a smart guy by name Matt posted a modified version of Skype app in Android Forum for the benefit of users with 3G network. Many more hacks are likely to be developed for other restricted usage apps in the US.

Skype for Android 3G hack is a special sideload program without going through official app store and without voiding phone’s warranty.

Download the Skype for Android 3G hack from HERE.

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