SpeechPrompter app turns iPad into a mobile teleprompter

Worried about delivering your maiden lecture in a technical seminar? Are you a politician addressing a mammoth gathering in an election campaign? You don’t have to prepare and memorize long passages. SpeechPrompter is the wonder app which turns your iPad into a mobile teleprompter for your presentation without any hiccups.

You can adopt speeches already made or create your own speech using this app. Play the text in the same way you do with a teleprompter using this app for a relaxed and perfect delivery of speech.
speechprompter iPad app
Other features of the app include
  • Copy and paste text from email and other documents and edit
  • Pick up your favorite font and size and color
  • Adjust scroll speed with finger swipe
  • Stop and Start scrolling using touch screen
  • Show time elapsed and set countdown time
This app is very useful for college professors, students, politicians, budding orators, pastors and lawyers. Get the app from iTunes for $7.99

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