Winamp App for Android Phones

Winamp, the grand old music player, working in your personal computer, has taken a new avatar. Yes, Winamp has launched a new version for the benefit of Android Smartphone users. The app is in the beta version and it can be downloaded from your Android device with version 2.1 and above for your use and testing.
download winamp

Main features of this app are
  • High quality playback with persistent player controls
  • Media management by integration with desktop Winamp library
  • Wireless desktop syncing with your Winamp desktop app
  • Enables Wi-Fi network synchronization
  • Effective play queue management
  • Widget players and shortcuts are available
  • Display of song details, album artists, etc.
  • App interacts with other music apps like Pandora, YouTube and Amazon MP3 Store
  • Supports scrolling with the app installed
It is always a feast to the ears to listen to music via Winamp app, especially when you are on the go. To download winamp app, just search for it Android market or scan the below QR codes

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