WP7 Navigation App Telmap 5 available in Singapore

Global leader in mobile location companion Telmap has launched its first turn-by-turn car navigation app Telmap 5 for Windows Phone 7 in Singapore. Major features of the app include
  • Route map covering every turn using 3D moving maps
  • Voice and text guidelines
  • Announcement of street names and landmarks including garage, parking areas, restaurant, gas station, etc.
  • Exclusive navigation for pedestrians
telmap navigation app

The service in Singapore from SingTel covers
  • Full Singapore and Malaysia maps
  • Real time traffic particulars in various parts of the city enabling you to avoid congested roads especially when you are on the move to attend business meetings with tight time schedules or racing towards the airport to catch a flight.
  • Cell-ID function allows you to check your location and plan a travel route even when you are sitting in your office

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