10 Travel Apps for iPhone

Numerous iPhone apps are available for the traveling people. Some of the apps are free and some are paid. Here are the top 10 travel apps showcased for the benefit of iPhone users.

Free Apps:
UrbanDaddy is an app empowered with a taste for good quality night life. It recommends quality bars, restaurants and store. It finds
  • The coolest and closest bar for you to meet your nice friend with the best scotch
  • The best place to take your date
UrbanDaddy is operative in only 10 US cities at present.

WN Postcard is a comprehensive app. You can
  • Take a snapshot with your mobile phone camera, add a message, add email address of friends, add a Google Map and send the e-card
  • Mail high quality glossy postcards physically to your near & dear anywhere in the world
  • Add decorative border to your postcard photos

FlySmart app is for the miser in you. Without spending a cent you have access to
  • Flights Arrival and departure timings
  • List of businesses in airports
  • Location of restrooms, exits and gates
  • Directions for different cities
This is a limited service available in 14 major cities in the US at present.

OnTheRoad.to app allows sharing of pictures and videos taken on your trips. App features
  • Interactive maps and directories to enable you to plan your trip
  • Inform your friends
  • Local weather

Urbanspoon is a fun app; shake your mobile phone, the screen spins like a slot machine in a casino, showing restaurants with different kind of menus and neighborhood; pick up your choice. The app furnishes rating of restaurants based on blogger reviews and consumer comments.

Paid Apps:
Postcard is an app which functions as a conventional letter with your photograph mailed to your contacts. The photograph is taken with your mobile phone camera. Add a message, click on email address from contact list, add a Google Map and send post card.

Zagat To Go is a compiler app for selecting restaurants. The app has database and reviews on top quality restaurants. Using search and filter functions you can zero in the minute details such as d├ęcor, service, cost, etc., so that you can select your kind of restaurant. Instant table reservation, actual menus and “best of” lists are also accessible with this wonder app.

NightLife is a universal app for locating bars and clubs in your neighborhood. All your needs like tobacco and; liquor shops, cabs and more are taken care by this app. If you are dizzy and your fingers do not cooperate to dial a number, the app comes to your rescue to call the restaurant desk.

AirPortAce is an all-in-one app when you arrive at the airport. You can access
  • Cab company numbers
  • Gate maps
  • Public transport details
  • Smoking zones
  • Restaurant list

TravelDiary app provides a collection of photos/videos taken on your tour along with voice narration and Google map for location of place. You can post your collections to your blogs, Facebook, etc.

Try these amazing travel apps on your iPhone.

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