30 Best iPhone Apps You Must Have

best iPhone apps

Plenty of awesome apps with unique utilities related to entertainment, education, business productivity, games, travel, life style, etc., are available for iPhone users. 30 of the essential iPhone apps are showcased here.

Angry Birds – This is the most popular game on iPhone. The story is about the attack of two angry birds whose eggs have been stolen by two pigs sheltered in a castle like structure. The game consists of 165 levels; strategic planning is needed to win the absorbing game.

Facebook – The world famous social network Facebook can be accessed with this free app on iPhone. Be in touch with your friends and
  • Converse with them
  • Update status
  • Share pictures and videos of events
Google Earth - With this great app, you will have the entire universe inside the mobile phone on your palm. Use your finger manipulation to track different small places with large zooming facility.

Shazam – This free music discovery engine has a database of 8 million artists, albums and tracks. You can identify songs by title and artist from anywhere. Just hold the microphone of your iPhone or iPod in the direction of music note, the name of the song and the artist will be displayed on your handset screen.

Amazon Kindle – This e-reader app uses iPhone features of Kindle. With free Kindle app you can sync between your last pages read on Kindle or iPhone. It is possible to access Amazon Kindle’s complete eBook library.

Wikipanion is your free iPhone-optimized tool to access Wikipedia. The app features
  • Bookmarking
  • Intelligent search
  • Quick itinerary lookup
The Incident is a retro-style fast action game. You have to run, jump and do all acrobatics to save yourself from a huge heap of falling objects. Cleverly twist your iPhone to avoid falling objects on you. Amazing sound effects and artwork make the game addictive.

Flickr – With this free app you can share with your contacts
  • Loads of photographs of all business and personal events
  • VoIP calls and video calls with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity
App Shopper is a friendly app which enables you to navigate through the complex Apple’s App Store to locate your favorite apps. Create your wish-list of apps; the free app alerts you when the apps are on sale.

Doodle Jump – In this game you have to help a creature doodled on a square pad to reach as high as possible on the pad by jumping on platform without falling. You have to control the movement of the doodle by suitably tilting the handset against several obstacles. This fun game is exciting and addictive.

Layar – With this augmented reality app you can view things around your neighborhood including real time digital information about those things on the camera screen of your mobile phone. Pick up a layer on the screen; you can see houses for sale, bars and shops, subway stations and tourist spots.

NPR News is an interesting and free app with which you can
  • Read news
  • Download news for offline reading and sharing
  • Listen to NPR radio station
Real Racing is a thrilling car racing game to immerse you in excitement, competition with good selection of cars and tracks of your choice. Exquisite graphics and sound effect enhance the excitement of the handheld racing for the user.

Twitter – This app keeps your connectivity live with the most popular Twitter social network. It enables you to network with businessmen and friends. You can
  • Add new contacts
  • Tweet your comments
Nike+GPS is a GPS enabled fitness app to track your workout/ run and map your route to destination. Other special features include
  • One More PowerSong
  • CheerMe on, a Facebook social networking tool
Dropbox is an online storage and sharing service for files and folders. The service enables syncing files of designated computers and the web so that files can be shared and monitored between you and your team members. The service is free up to 2 GB storage.

Brushes is a fancy multi touch painting app complete with brushes and palettes. With this app you can create superb paintings and extraordinary portraits.

Boxcar is a free universal push notification app for iPhone that works with your email account, Facebook, RSS feeds, Twitter and more. Instant alerts keep you informed while on the go.

Weatherbug is a free app which brings you on the go weather forecast in your location with Maps and videos so that you can plan your travel with due care.

Pandora – This free app provides your own personalized internet radio anywhere in the world. You can select your favorite singer, song or jazz music. Pandora creates your radio station and plays all your music.

Archetype is a shooter game with 3 types of play:
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Challenge
  • Training
Features like score, health, time left, weapons, etc., add spice to the game which has stunning graphics and adequate maps.

Instapaper – Normally you postpone reading voluminous documents to a later date wherein you have to download the documents many times wasting money on bytes. In such cases you need to install Instapaper app. The app adds a bookmark to mobile Safari. You can open the bulky documents in Safari and select Instapaper bookmark to save it. Your document is saved on your iPhone for reading offline later.

OpenTable is a useful free app to search nearby restaurants and make reservation from your iPhone. The app provides
  • List of restaurants, their distance from your place
  • Working hours
  • Price of food
Maps enable you to get clear picture of location of restaurants for taking right decisions on party venue.

Google Mobile is a free internet search app featuring
  • Search by voice
  • Google suggest by tapping queries
  • Email search on your phone
  • Search Google Maps, images
  • News and shopping
GV Mobile+ is an app which enables you to tap into Google’s all-in-one telephone service on your iPhone.

Meebo is for the chatter box in you. The free app connects you to friends for a relaxed chat. You can also access saved chats and history details from your laptop or desktop.

Soundhound – Like Shazam it identifies the song and artist of music. In addition it identifies tunes rendered by you by whistling or humming. Share your favorite music with loved ones through email, Twitter and Facebook.

Kayak is an efficient search engine on your iPhone to move with you wherever you go. It makes the following easy for your travel.
  • Your flight tickets booking
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Car rental
Your tour itinerary can also be managed with this free app.

Epicurious is the apt app for your taste buds for free. Apart from providing information on preparation of different recipes, the app enables you to
  • Find specific recipes for different seasons
  • Create interactive shopping lists for recipes
Flixter – Watch movies on the go with this free app. Other features offered by the app are
  • Theaters and movies with timings in the neighborhood
  • Rotten Tomato movie reviews
  • Box office charts
  • DVD releases
If you are a new iPhone user, these are the must have apps you need to install on your iPhone. Hope you will install and try these best iPhone apps.

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