4 Thanksgiving iPhone Apps

Check out the 4 iPhone apps for Thanksgiving below:

iHost Thanksgiving Planner:
This app has everything the user needs to plan the Thanksgiving party. The app allows the user to figure out meals, tableware, invitations, and gives a weekly and daily schedule to make sure that everything is done at the right time. In terms of cost it is only $0.99.

Thanksgiving Facts:
Well this is a pretty cool app which has some pretty puzzles related to Thanksgiving facts and helps to actually deepen the moods on this day among the family members and friends on the dining table. This app costs only $0.99.

BBQ Recipes:
This app is related to different delicious recipes which also involve roasting a turkey and also has pretty impressive ideas in case there are some leftover turkey after the big day is over. This app costs only $0.99 on iPhone.

This app is for the user who has some big plans on Thanksgiving and is completely adequate to the event. This app helps the user to synchronize the meal prep work and cook times so that everything makes it to the table hot and delicious. This app is aptly preloaded with four menus, prescheduled with a countdown so that the meal will be on table by 6 p.m. In additional features the user can its own recipes and schedules. This app is necessarily used for complete scheduling of time for the cooking purposes. The cost of this app is only $2.99.

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