5 Alternative Android Apps

Android Apps are becoming popular day-by-day. Android Smartphones not only serve the only purpose of answering calls but also much more than that like a video camera, an address book, GPS navigator and many other roles due to the apps in this device. Here are the 5 more Android apps which replaces the real devices around you.

TV Remote Control:
It is obvious that there will soon be an app which will be used as remote control; specifically a universal remote control but the only problem is that there are no infrared emissions from mobile phones which is supposed to be the most desired medium to control electronic devices remotely.

Recently an app has been designed for this TV remote control purposes and is called Boxee Wi-Fi Remote. The user has to do certain preliminary things which are creating an account in Boxee and then connecting the preferred device to the computer.

This will allow the user to have an access to the TV through the Boxee Wi-Fi remote by navigating through the menus with on-screen controls on your Android phone. There are many other features associated with this app and it costs just 1 dollar.

This particular app is for the Android users who are actually musicians by profession. The app proves to be a good helping hand for them. The Metronome app works by sending regular beats or pulses which could be adjustable according to the musician during the practice of musicians. It should be noted that the musicians can also avail some other noticeable features of this Metronome app.

This Metronome app is the creation of Zealy Technology and costs 1 dollar. The musicians can actually do a lot of things with this app like setting the app to count out anywhere from 40 to 208 beats per minute along with adding a measure-marking ping on the downbeats.

The musician can play the beat audibly along with displaying it as a blinking series of lights and also to receive feedback through vibration. This Metronome app can even allow the musician to use all these facilities during any live concert and the amazing part is that no one will ever know.

There has been a constant problem which depicts the questionability of readability when power failure occurs and the person then resorts to mobile phones for aid. Well this problem seems to be over because with Motorola’s DroidLight app, the phone’s camera LED will come on and give enough light.

This Droidlight app is turned on just by touching an incandescent light bulb. The Droidlight app requires a camera with flash and it is available with all Motorola Smart phones. It should be noted that the user goes to the Home screen before keeping the phone in the pocket as this app might remain on and the entire battery will be finished.

Remote Keyboard and Mouse:
It has been possible to control the computer from the Android phone because of an app which is called RemoteDroid and is free and open-source application. This RemoteDroid uses the phone’s network and Java to act as another Keyboard and mouse for the Windows computer of the user.

There are certain preliminary activities which is necessary to be completed before running this app and that is to install Java SE runtime environment on the computer and then install the RemoteDroid Server software; along with turning on the pone’s Wi-Fi network.
It will be completely amazing that after these steps; a user interface will come up having a larger rectangle and two smaller rectangles. The larger rectangle will serve as the touchpad and the smaller rectangles will be buttons and the keyboard icon will bring the keyboard. The RemoteDroid app does not support Swype but still it is quite an app to install.

Barcode Scanner:
Barcode is the specialized symbol present in every commercially packaged product and this Barcode has lots of information about the product. This information could only be availed by installing a special app called Barcode Scanner on the Android device.

This Barcode Scanner app runs when the user points the phone’s camera at a bar code and then the decoding process starts which provides all the information about the product including the price. Actually this Barcode Scanner app works in three ways for identification the product.

The app has its own Product Search which could find local stores which has the same product. Another search is the Web Search which uses Google search and in return gives a lot of information. If the user has another app installed called Google Shopper then also similar results are achieved. This app saves the entire search in a history which is certainly good but in this case the history might not be that useful.

To download any of the Android Apps above, just search for them in Android market place.

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