5 Free BlackBerry Apps You Must Have !

It is for sure that Blackberry is one of the most popular smart phones in today’s high paced life. But this device becomes more powerful when you use some pretty impressive apps which makes it productive. Here are the 5 free must have BlackBerry apps on your phone:

Mobipocket eBook Reader:
Most of the people are fond of book reading and this can be done in the Blackberry handset with the help of Mobipocket eBook Reader and thereby increasing the functionality of the handset apart from listening music or watching videos. This app Mobipocket eBook Reader even helps in creating and maintaining a personalized Blackberry library and also has a very user friendly user interface. The user can even transfer files from pc to the device or download them as per their choice.

To install the app, just go to m.mobipocket.com on your BlackBerry phone.
Opera Mini:
Opera Mini is definitely the fastest web browser for mobile surfing which comes from the smooth interface accounting to both touch screen and keypad devices. Other important features include tabbed browsing, customizable font size and auto-completion feature which does dual activity by saving both time and data plan money

Download Opera Mini from HERE
This is an app which works as an RSS reader which gathers important information from all the websites visited by the user and it is integrated with News, Sports and Weather.
This is a pretty cool app which enables the user to take screenshots of the person’s Blackberry and then displaying them on the PC. Well importantly this application is based on a program Javaloader.exe which works on Blackberry OS 4.0.2 or higher version. Other important features include keyboard shortcuts which make operations easier, ability to remember passwords and then encrypting them before storing.
Well this is another pretty impressive application which lets the user to take photographs or capture videos and then uploads them for sharing in social network sites. The main feature of this app is real-time sharing of files like images or videos which is a unique one.

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