5 iPhone Apps for Pregnant Women

Check out the 5 exclusive iPhone Apps for Pregnant Women who are unaware of the do’s and dont's to take the proper care of the child and herself.

This is a perfect application for pregnancy matters and has many astonishing features. This app readily calculates Body Mass Index and maintains a track record of weight gain and vital statistics regarding to both mother and the unborn baby. Well this app also features a list featuring baby names and many other handy features for the perfect mother like:
  • Due date calculator using last period, conception date, ultrasound date, or due date. 
  • See the baby’s gestational age in weeks and months, lunar months, and current trimester. 
  • See a progress bar that shows how close you are to the “delivery safety zone”.
  • See time remaining until your due date as well as the time remaining until your next major milestone. 
  • Baby Information including a brief summary of happenings with the baby at the current gestational age as well as information about the average length and weight of the baby.
  • Mommy Information including what to expect and ideas for how to prepare for the coming baby.
  • NEW Daddy Information including what to expect and ideas for how to prepare for the coming baby.
  • Baby Name Picker, which allows you to keep a list of baby name contenders. 
  • OB Visit Tracker that allows you to keep track of your Weight, Blood Pressure and Fetal Heart Rate at each visit. 
  • Journal to keep track of notes and photos at any time. 
  • NEW Mood Tracker!
  • NEW Calendar view allowing easy determination of future gestational age of the baby.
  • Email details of any of your OB Visit/Journal Entries to friends or family!
  • Weight Gain analysis, helps you decide the appropriate weight gain for your size and helps you keep your weight gain on track for each visit by telling you how much you should be gaining each week!
  • Questions for the Doctor section that allows you to keep track of and sort a list of questions to ask the Doctor at your next OB Visit.
This app deals with regarding information which usually friends and family members offer to the pregnant women and their husband. All the do’s and don’ts which is pretty important are enlisted in this application.

Baby names wizard:
Well suggesting a baby name at the accurate time is the most difficult and confusing part. In such situations this app Baby names wizard comes handy and perfect. This app has about 25,000 names which is worth to be seen and has a very impressive navigation. It is noted that using this app the person can search names by describing different factors like the gender, meaning, origin, and popularity. Some of the features of this app are:
  • Thousands of boy and girl names
  • See detailed information about each name
  • Details: pronunciation, meaning, gender, origin, popularity
  • Sounds: discover hidden playful sounds
  • Search: by name, meaning, popularity trends,
  • Search: popularity ranking, gender or random
  • Shows number of births, percentage of births
  • Shows detailed popularity rankings
  • Create, edit and reorder your own favorites list
  • Share via email
  • Intuitive interface

Pimp My Ultrasound:
This is an interesting app which allows the user to take a picture of the ultrasound image of the baby and then uploading the photo for viewing or ‘pimping’.

There are a large variety of customizable effects which could be endorsed in this image and will add better response from the viewers.
Foods to avoid when pregnant:
It is very important to note that during pregnancy there is immense hunger which left unsatisfied leads to miserable vomiting. This is when this particular app comes into play leading and guiding the users which food items should be avoided and must be taken.
Hope you and your baby will be more healthier with these iPhone Apps.

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