5 Smart Apps for Black Friday Deals

iphone android apps black friday deals
Check out the 5 best apps for your smartphone which makes your shopping better on Black Friday:

ShopSavvy – This is another free application which has been launched for iPhone, Android and is also available on Blackberry and Windows Phone 7. This app serves the purpose of a standalone QR code and barcode scanner which helps to find bargain-priced deals.

Amazon Mobile – This is a premier app for the users of iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and allows the user to get best Amazon prices and also has a pretty impressive feature through which the user can directly order the product.

SnapTel – This app allows the user to get all the necessary information after a picture or image is taken of the cover of the product. This app comes free for iPhone and Android users.

PriceGrabber – This is an app which provides a powerful comparison for the product from its variant database. The user has to just upload the picture of the barcode and then it can have an access to the best bottom line price from a list of all online retailers and local stores.

RedLaser – This is a free application for platforms like Android and iPhone which has a pretty impressive function. This app works as a kind of barcode scanner with some additional features like finding books at the local library and even a thorough check of food items.

To download any of the apps, just search for them in the respective smartphone market place.

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