5 Uproarious iPhone Apps

Majority of iPhone applications are meant for providing useful and innovative functions for your business and personal life. However there are a different set of apps created to tickle you for a hip roaring laughter. Here are 5 such delectable apps to provide humor in your life.

Cartoonizeme is an app that enables you to incorporate comic features to any photograph on your iPhone. You can add Hitler’s mush to a bishop’s face, insert a top hat to an Arabic merchant, add a beard to your beloved boyfriend, etc., for a hearty laugh.
iFart is a great prank app for a total entertainment of your family and friends circle. It produces odd sounds that it very name implies. Use it the right way and you will have your kids reeling as the iPhone rips one juicy fart. With iFart Remote you can send strange sounds to your friend’s iPhone which will produce discomforting noise on opening, all for fun.
I Can Has Cheezburger is a free app which allows you to login to ICHC to attribute LOLs you create to your account. ICHC app provides a feed of the latest lolcats and lolz from all of the Cheezburger Network sites. You can select from
  • FAIL Blog
  • I Has A HOTDOG (loldogs)
  • GraphJam (fun with charts)
  • Engrish Funny (hilarious “English”)
iLaugh app is a jokes maker. You get new jokes every time you open the app without repetition. It is great mood changer for the people who are put to boredom in the course of their job and on the go.
The Moo Box is a fun app for kids. The app contains photos of animals with their corresponding sounds. Ask your kid to select the animal, immediately the corresponding noise is produced. Your children enjoy this fun heartily.
These hilarious apps are the best companions hidden on your iPhone when you go on long journey alone or as a team.

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